Tahoma High School will be hosting its annual High School and Beyond Night on Tuesday, March 7, from 5:30-8:15 p.m. at Tahoma High School. Phillip Rock Center . In 2022-23, employees will contribute 16 and 7 percent respectively to the premiums, in 2023-24 employee contributions will rise to 17 and 8 percent and in 2024-25, employee contributions will be 18 and 9 percent. CPASP (Clover Park Association of School . SD 8 Kootenay Lake. Tentative Agreement between the Council Rock Board of School Directors and the Council Rock Education Association A. . 206-246-4340 This is a professional workshop and unique learning opportunity for any and all members of district negotiating teams. UNION OF AMERICA LOCAL #580, Indiana Borough Police Benevolent Association, Reynoldsville Borough-Foreman, Operator, Laborer, REYNOLDSVILLE BOROUGH EMPLOYEES AFFILIATED WITH AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE, COUNTY AND MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES, AFL/CIO, Archbald Borough-Public Works, Code Enforcement, Administrative Employe, Borough of Blakely Police Department Employees, Blakely Borough-Office, Public Works, Garbage, Electric, Maintenance, Light Department Employees, Carbondale City-Public Works, Parks, Clerk, Meter Employe, Moosic Borough Police Officers Association, Old Forge Borough Police Officers Association, Roaring Brook Township Full Time Police Officers Association, South Abington Township Police Association, Throop Borough-Laborers, Custodians, Secretaries, Chief Clerk, Foreman, Akron Borough Police Officers Association, Columbia Borough Police Officers Association, Columbia Borough-Administrative, Clerical, Service Aide, Highway, WWTP, Mechanic, Janitor, Parking, Code Enforcement, East Cocalico Township Police Officers Association, East Cocalico Township Public Works Department, East Earl Township Police Officers Association, The Police Department of East Hempfield Township, East Lampeter Township-Police Clerks/Typists/Receptionists, Bookkeeper, Janitor, Administrative Receptionist, East Lampeter Township Police Officers Association, Elizabethtown Police Officers Association, Ephrata Borough-Office, Building Inspectors, Customer Service, Police Secretaries, Water Treatment, Production, Maintenance Employees, Lancaster City-All employees EXCEPT confidential employees, management, supervisors, police and firefighters, Lancaster City Police Officers Association, Lititz Borough Police Officers Association, Manheim Township Police Benevolent Association, The Full Time Officers of the Millersville Police Department, Mount Joy Borough Police Officers Association, Northern Lancaster County Regional Police, Police Officers Association of the Northern Lancaster County Regional Police Department, Pequea Township-Road Crew, Office Employees, Quaryville Police Association/Teamsters Local 929, West Earl Township Police Officers Association, West Hempfield Township Police Association, West Lampeter Township Police Officers Association, Ellwood City Police Department Wage and Policy Unit, Ellwood City Borough- Public Works, Electric, Wastewater Employees, LABORERS' DISTRICT COUNCIL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA ON BEHALF OF LABORERS' LOCAL UNION NO. Section 1. Urban Park Rangers MOA 2017-2021. East Aurora School District 131 teachers, support staff and office staff are represented by East Aurora Council IFT/AFT Salary Under a three year contract, the following salary adjustments would occur: 1. The Connecticut Laborers' District Council for the Bridgeport Public Employees Union Local 1224 . ait HnS:-x7 qUs5ihSHTS2QSVySRgA dgmbE:a;%bVui5?,,eo)sE\5bpZ (B) {Definitions} "Collective Bargaining Agreement" means a master agreement, and any amendments, addendums, memorandums, or any other documents modifying the master agreement. Blaine School District ; Blaine High School ; Blaine Middle . CTA Part Time Faculty Seniority List 2022. Because this project is ongoing, collective bargaining agreements are added and updated regularly. << /Length 5 0 R /Filter /FlateDecode >> Term July 1, 2018 through June 30, 2021 B. Cleveland Teachers Union Local No. CUPE 2450 Collective Agreement. Font Size: + -. sess. Collective Bargaining Agreements. 249, Westmoreland County- Title IV-D Attorneys, Domestic Relations Enforcement and Conference Officers, Family Court and Orphan's Court Administrators, P.F.A. United Federation of Special Police and Security Officers, Inc., Local 696 (Public Safety) July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025. Movement of an employee on the salary schedule midyear in 2022-23 and at the start of the year in 2023-24 and 2024-25, Maintenance Choice through CVS Caremark implemented in the prescription drug program, Telemedicine implemented in the medical program through Independence Blue Cross, The district will continue to offer one base plan, Independence Blue Cross, PC C4-F3-O2 Flex Series, a buy up plan, Independence Blue Cross, PC C3-F1-O1, and the HSA Qualifying Plan. We know that last year was a very difficult year for everyone in the classroom and families. Your Content Goes Here 2022 Provincial Framework Agreement Collective Bargaining For support staff collective bargaining, boards of education bargain directly with their union locals at the school district level. Staff Nurses Executed Contract, 2019-2023. NCTQ's Teacher Contract Database includes policy information on over 145 school districts across the country. july 1, 2019 -june 30, 2024 The 2021-23 Collective Bargaining Agreement for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (Custodians) AFSCME 2021-2023- Final. Unrepresented Staff Contract Summary 2022-23. . We have a very good result that is going to benefit the district for years to come.. 279 American Federation of Teachers, AFL-CIO July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2024. June 2, 2022 by by LABORERS' INTERNATIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, LOCAL 1310, Lancaster County- Prison Employees; Youth Care Workers and Security Officers at the Youth Intervention Center, Lancaster County- Secretaries, Child Welfare Aides, Account Clerks, Fiscal Technicians, Caseworker Trainees, Caseworkers, Family Therapists, LABORERS' DISTRICT COUNCIL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA, Lawrence County- Employees of the Commissioner's, Controller's, and Treasurer's Offices, Lebanon County- COURT RELATED NON-PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, Lebanon County- Social Services Agencies Employees, Lebanon County- Detectives, Detective Sergeants, Lebanon County- Communications Control Center Operators, Utility Employees, AND CHOCOLATE WORKERS' UNION, LOCAL 464 OF THE BAKERY, CONFECTIONERY, TOBACCO WORKERS, AND GRAIN MILLERS INTERNATIONAL UNION, Lebanon County- COURT APPOINTED PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, Lehigh County- County Casework Supervisors, Program Analysts, Clerical Supervisors, and Data Analysts in the Offices of Children & Youth Services, Mental Health & Intellectual Disability, Health Choices and Integrated Services, Lehigh County- Lehigh County- County Casework Supervisors, Program Analysts, Clerical Supervisors, and Data Analysts in the Offices of Children & Youth Services, Mental Health & Intellectual Disability, Health Choices and Integrated Services, Lehigh County- Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Therapeutic Recreation Specialists, Medical Records Coordinators, and Supervisory Custodians Cedarbrook Nursing Homes in its Allentown and Fountain Hill locations, Lehigh County- Nursing Attendants, Nurses Aides, Certified Nurses Aides, Transportation Aides, Clerical Technicians, Unit Clerks, Delivery Workers, Therapeutic Recreation Attendants, Restorative Aides, Restorative Assistants, Therapy Aides, Therapy Assistants, Maintenance Mechanics, Equipment Maintenance Mechanics, Carpenters, Electricians, Painters, Plumbers, Electronics Technicians, HVAC Mechanics, Groundskeepers, Laundry Workers, Seamstresses and Environmental Services Technicians at Cedarbrook Nursing Homes at Allentown and Fountain Hill, UNITED FOOD AND COMMERCIAL WORKERS UNION, LOCAL 1776, Lehigh County- Security Guards, Deputy Sheriffs, LEHIGH COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFFS' ASSOCIATION, Lehigh County- Corrections Officers and Corrections Officers serving as Maintenance or Clerical Personnel, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 88 Local 543, Lehigh County- Employees in Court Administration, Adult Probation, Juvenile Probation, Clerk of Orphans Court, Domestic Relations, Master in Divorce, District Justice Offices and the Law Library, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 88 Local 3206, Luzerne County- Court Appointed Support Staff, Luzerne County- Court Appointed Professional Employees, COURT APPOINTED PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, The Luzerne County Detectives' Association, LABORERS INTERNATIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, LOCAL 1310, Luzerne County- ASSISTANT DISTRICT ATTORNEYS ANDASSISTANT PUBLIC DEFENDERS, Luzerne County- AREA AGENCY ON AGING Employees, Luzerne County- OFFICE OF CHILDREN AND YOUTH SERVICES Employees, Luzerne County- MENTAL HEALTH-DEVELOPMENTAL SERVICES Employees, Lycoming County- Executive District Attorney, Assistant District Attorneys, and Public Defender Assistants, Lycoming County- Lycoming County Probation Officers and Domestic Relations Employees, Lycoming County Probation Officers and Domestic Relations Employees Association, Lycoming County Deputy Sheriff's Association, Teamsters, Chauffeurs, Warehousemen and HelpersLocal Union No. CUPE 748 Collective Agreement. A - G. Airport; Animal Control. I thank them for what they do everyday. Teachers' collective bargaining agreements must have two-year terms beginning July 1 in an odd-numbered year. The tentative agreement also modifies employee health insurance benefits, including: In making the motion to approve the contract, board member Mariann McKee thanked the association, its leadership and membership for their commitment to our students and to their families. (A) {Title} School Collective Bargaining Agreement Sunshine Act. 3, Huntingdon County- Court Appointed Employees, Huntingdon County- Non-Professional, Court-Related Employees, Indiana County- RESIDUAL PROFESSIONALS UNIT- CHILDREN & YOUTH PLANNING, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 83 Local 2644, Indiana County- Professional Employees Appointed by the Court of Common Pleas, INDIANA COURT ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, Indiana County- Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs, Sergeants, Corporals, INDIANA COUNTY DEPUTY SHERIFFS ASSOCIATION, Indiana County- Court Employees- Department Clerks, Legal Secretaries, Data Entry, Image Preservation, Victim Witness Coordinator, Administrative Assistants, Office Managers, Investigative Assistants, Paralegals, Legal Assistants, UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA LOCAL 4702, Indiana County- Correction Officers, Facility Maintenance Officers, Jefferson County- Court Appointed Employees- Court Reporters, Clerks in the Magistrates' Offices, Clerks in Domestic Relations, Assistant Directors in Domestic Relations, Clerks in Probation, and Probation Officers in Probation, JEFFERSON COUNTY COURT APPOINTED EMPLOYEES ASSOCIATION, UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA, AFL-CIO, Jefferson County- Non-Professional Court Related Employees, Jefferson County- Human Services, Clerk Typists, Case Aides, Fiscal Assistants, Caseworkers, Fiscal Techs, Program Specialists, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 85 Local 1460, Juniata County- Child and Youth Agency Employees, Juniata County- Probation & Parole Officers, Domestic Relations, Administrative Specialist, Domestic Relations Caseworker, District Magistrates' Clerical Staff, Probation & Parole Clerical Staff, Domestic Relations Clerical Staff Domestic Relations Enforcement Officer, Juniata County- Commissioners Office, Assessment Office, Emergency Management Services, 911 Center, Maintenance Department, Planning Commission, Tax Claim Office, Treasurers Office, Veterans Affairs Office and Voter Registration Office, Lackawanna County-Juvenile Probation Officers, Adult Probation Officers, and Domestic Relations Officers, Lackawanna County Adult and Juvenile Probation and Domestic Relations Section Employees Association, Lackawanna County- Sheriffs, Deputy Sheriffs, Lackawanna County- Area on Aging- Clerical, Case Managers, R.N., and Fiscal Employees, Lackawanna County- Office of Youth & Family Services- Homemakers, Caseworkers, Clerk Typists, Social Workers, County Social Service Aides, Fiscal Technicians, Clerks, Accountants, Fiscal Assistants, and Legal Assistants, Lancaster County- COURT-APPOINTED PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, Lancaster County- Police Officers in the Office of the District Attorney, including but not limited to Detectives and Acting Officer in Charge Detectives, Lancaster County- COURT-RELATED NON-PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES. SEA/SEIU Local 1984. policies such as budget matters, technology use, organizational structure, and the direction, number, and selection of personnel. My personal opinion is that the end result is excellent and fair to both parties, said Tate. . CSEA Bargaining Agreement 2020-2023. Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) . 1058, PENN TOWNSHIP POLICE WAGE AND POLICY COMMITTEE, THE LABORERS' DISTRICT COUNCIL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA on and in behalf of LOCAL #1058, THE POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE BOROUGH OF SCOTTDALE POLICE ADVISORY COMMITTEE, THE LABORERS' DISTRICT COUNCIL OF WESTERN PENNSYLVANIA on and in behalf of Local Union 1058, POLICEMEN OF THE BOROUGH OF SOUTH GREENSBURG/Teamsters Local 30, South Huntingdon Township- Operator, Laborer, Secretary, OLICE OFFICERS OF THE BOROUGH OF SOUTHWEST GREENSBURG, Unity Township- Clerical and Road Employees, THE WAGE AND POLICY COMMITTEE OF THE UPPER BURRELL TOWNSHIP POLICE DEPARTMENT, Upper Burrell Township- Township Employees, UNITED STEEL, PAPER AND FORESTRY, RUBBER, MANUFACTURING, ENERGY, ALLIED INDUSTRIAL AND SERVICE WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC ON BEHALF OF THE MEMEBERSHIP OF LOCAL 1408-82, Vandergrift Borough- Maintenance and Waste. WALLINGFORD-SWARTHMORE SCHOOL DISTRICT (Delaware County) 47. Anchorage Education Association (AEA) The Anchorage Education Association and the Anchorage School District initially engaged in . AFSCME Local 275 - Food Services and Transportation . Union contracts spell out not just salaries and benefits, but also information about class size, employee evaluations, school calendars, and more. State law requires School Boards to collectively bargain with recognized employee organizations. xZ[o6~ d5$uLvmt>8'I;23m}sHQ8;Qs?geLe 7ucUQ7ifJn[wW6:%*qWI6_Q{oRZ}TU:jol[Z&h-?H.==%Q&~jA}rimfyn^-)2Y(Wo*_. Schools . . collective bargaining agreement between the neshaminy board of school directors and the neshaminy federation of teachers local 1417, american federation of teachers pennsylvania, american federation of teachers, a.f.l. SEA/SEIU Local 1984. 2 Nothing contained herein shall be construed to include in the bargaining unit any person whose duties 3 as deputy, administrative assistant, or secretary necessarily imply a confidential relationship to the Cleveland Teachers Union Contract July 1, 2021- June 30, 2024. The North Penn Education Association (NPEA) agreed to a three-year contract that will expire June 30, 2024. School District Collective Bargaining. employees, Cambria County- Court Related Non-Professional Employees 2A, Cambria County- Human Services Professional Staff 2D- Case workers, Social Workers, PSA, Community Health, RNI, Care Managers, Specialitsts, Cambria County- Court Appointed Non-Professional Employees 2H, Cambria County- Non-Court Employees- Clerk, Clerk Typist, Account Clerk, Maintenance Workers, Watchman, Custodian, Accounting Assistant 1A, AFL-CIO/AFSCME District Council 83 Local 2411, Cambria County- Professional Employees 10A, Cambria County Court Association of Professional Employees, Cambria County- Deputy Sheriffs, Security Guards 12A, Cambria County Deputy Sheriffs' Association, Cambria County- Court Related Professional Employees 2A- Public Defenders, District Attorneys, Cambria County- Human Services Professional Staff 2C- Clerical Support Staff, Van Drivers, Cambria County- Human Services Professional/Supervisory 2E-Fiscal Officer, Casework Supervisor, Care Manager Supervisor, Cambria County- Human Services Support Staff Supervisors- First Line Supervisors/Non-Professionals 2F, Fraternal Order of Police, Flood City Lodge #86, Cambria County- Prison Guards, Correctional Officers, Records Officers, and Cooks, Carbon County- Court Appointed Professional Employees Domestic Relations, Probation Officers, Deputy Chief Probation Officers, AFSCME, AFL-CI O DI STRICT COUNCIL 87 AND LOCAL 2483, Carbon County-Court House Positions Clerk, Sternographer, Receptionist, Assessor, GIS Technician, Mapper, Aide, 911 Operator, Dispatcher, Maintenance, Custodial, LPN, AFSCME, AFL-CIO DISTRICT COUNCIL 87 AND LOCAL 2483, Carbon County- Sheriff Department Deputy Sheriffs, Sgt, Lt, Chester County Detectives Benevolent Association, Chester County-Court Appointed Professionals, Chester County- Human Services Professional Employees, Clearfield County- Non-Professional Court Related Employees, Clearfield County- Non-Court Related Professional Employees- Children and Youth Services, Clearfield County- Non-Professional County Residual Unit Employees, Clearfield County- Prison Employees, Correction Officers, Clearfield County Association of Professional Employees, Clinton County- CORRECTIONS OFFICERS, COOKS AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS AT THE CLINTON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, Clinton County- Court Related and Court Appointed Employees, Clinton County- COOKS AT THE CLINTON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, Clinton County- CORRECTIONS OFFICERS, UTILITY OFFICERS AT THE CLINTON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, Clinton County- salaries for CORRECTIONS OFFICERS, COOKS AND MAINTENANCE WORKERS AT THE CLINTON COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY, Clinton County- salaries for Court Related and Court Appointed Employees, Columbia County- Adult Probation Officers, Juvenile Probation Officers and Domestic Relations Enforcement Officers, Columbia County- Employees in the Sheriffs Office, Prothonotary-Clerk of Courts Office and the Register of Wills-Recorder of Deeds Office, Columbia County- Clerks, Typists, Administrative Assistants, Field Assessors, Budget-Payroll Coordinators, Apprentice Trades, Maintenance Specialists, Columbia County- Correction Officers, Corporals, Sergeants, Crawford County- Court Appointed Unit- Adult and Juvenile Probation Officers and Clerical; Domestic Relations Section employees; District Justice Assistants; Offices of the Judges Tipstaves; Court Reporters; Friends of Youth non-management, non-supervisory, non-confidential, and non-guard Employees, Crawford County- Court Related Employees- Non-professional employees in the Offices of the Prothonotary, Clerk of Courts, Register of Wills and Recorder of Deeds, Sheriff, District Attorney, Public Defender and Coroner, Crawford County- FIRST LEVEL SUPERVISORS RESIDUAL PROFESSIONAL UNIT, Crawford County- Professional Employees- Caseworkers and County Social Service Aides in Mental Health/Intellectually Disabled Bureau, Children and Youth Services, Registered Nurses and Social Service Assistants at the Crawford County Care Center, and Planning Technicians and Assistant Planners of the Planning Commission, Crawford County- Non-Professional Employees- Assessment Office, Planning Office, Switchboard, Treasurers Office, Bridge and County Workforce, Voter Registration, Crawford County Department of Public Safety, Office of Veterans Services, Print Room, Mental Health Intellectual Disabilities, and Children and Youth Services, Crawford County- Crawford County Care Center Non-Professional Employees, AFL-CIO/ SEIU HEALTHCARE PENNSYLVANIACTW, CLC, Cumberland County- CLAREMONT NURSING AND REHABILITATION CENTER Employees, Cumberland County- Deputy Sheriffs and Security Guards, Cumberland County- Court Appointed Professionals- Adult Probation Officers, Juvenile Probation Officers, and Domestic Relations Conference Officers, Dauphin County- Court Appointed Professionals- ADULT/JUVENILE PROBATION AND DOMESTIC RELATIONS, Dauphin County- COURT-APPOINTED NON-PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 90 Local 2800, Dauphin County- Court Related Non-Professionals in the Sheriffs Department, District Attorneys Office Clerk of Courts, Prothonotarys Office Register of Wills Office, Public Defenders Office, Coroners Office, Dauphin County- DAUPHIN COUNTY COMMISSIONERS- Correctional Officers, Sergeants, Maintenance, Records Office, Dauphin County- Children and Youth Services, Delaware County- Case Coordinators, Case Workers, and Aging Manager, Delaware County- Clerks, Social Workers, Case Workers, Delaware County- Fair Acres Center Service Employees, Delaware County- Fair Acres Center Staff Nurses, Fair Acres Nurses Association/Pennsylvaa Association of Staff Nurses and Allied Professionals, Delaware County Park Police Independent Union, Delaware County- Row Office and Judicial District Employees, Delaware County- Transfer Station Employees, Elk County- Court of Common Pleas Probation Officers, ELK COUNTY ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES, Elk County- Residual Commissioners Unit employees, UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA INTERNATI ONAL UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC AND LOCAL UNION 8923, UNITED MINE WORKERS OF AMERICA INTERNATIONAL UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC AND LOCAL UNION 8923, Erie County- Chief County Detective, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, Detective Sergeant, County Detectives, Erie County- PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES OF THE CHILDREN AND YOUTH OFFICE, Erie County- CLERICAL/TECHNICAL EMPLOYEES, AFL-CIO/ AFSCME District Council 85 Local 2666, Erie County- PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES OF THE HEALTH, PLANNING, PUBLIC DEFENDER AND LIBRARY DEPARTMENTS, Erie County- Professional Employees Appointed by the Court of Common Pleas, ERIE COURT ASSOCIATION OF PROFESSIONAL EMPLOYEES (ECAPE), Fayette County- Child & Youth Services Employees, Fayette County- employees of Domestic Relations, Orphans Court, Common Pleas Court, Probation, Magisterial District Justices, Building Department, Bridge Department, Emergency Management, Board of Commissioners, FCBHA clerical workers, Recorder of Deeds, Treasurer's Office, County Controllers and all elected row offices which are non-court related, Fayette County- Court Appointed Employees- adult and juvenile probations offices, domestic relations, and law library employees, Franklin County- Juvenile Probation Officers, BARJ Coordinator, Adult Probation Officers, Domestic Relations Hearing Officers, and Domestic Relations Enforcement Officers, GENERAL TEAMSTERS AND ALLIED WORKERS LOCAL 992, Fulton County- Probation Officers in Adult Probation and Juvenile Probation and Domestic Relations Hearing Officers, Greene County- HUMAN SERVICES DEPARTMENT EMPLOYEES, Greene County- pay scale for Corrections Officers, Greene County- Non-Professional Employees for the Commissioner's Office, Court Related, and Court Appointed Employees, Greene County- pay scale for Sheriffs and Deputy Sheriffs, Greene County- All SEIU Represented Employees, INDEPENDENT CORRECTION OFFICERS OF PENNSYLVANIA LODGE NO. The Department of Labor Relations represents the School Board and the Superintendent in negotiations with four employee organizations: The Service Employees International Union/Florida Public Services Union (SEIU/FPSU) Congratulations CREA. 50. Principals Contract Summary 2022-23. employees, Butler County- Administrative Professional Employees appointed by the Commissioners, Butler County- Court-Appointed Clerical and Technical Employees, Butler County- Court Related Clerical and Technical Employees, some C.E.T.A. Teacher Contract . TASP (Principals) Salary Schedule 2022-25. Local 150 Transportation July 2022 - June 2026. Inquiries regarding compliance and/or grievance procedures may be directed to the school district's Title IX/RCW 28A.640 Officer, Section 504/ADA Coordinator, Equity Officer, and Harassment Intimidation and . School District Collective Bargaining . `eF6 This proposal also financially makes sense because they did not make outrageous demands, she added. Below are contractual agreements between East Aurora School District 131 and the unions that represent employee groups. State Department of Transportation - MOU. 2022-2023. SD 5 Southeast Kootenay. Negotiated Agreement: ACE Agreement July, 2021 - Jun, 2024 ACE website: www.ace4425.org . Single Sign-On. A collective bargaining agreement is a labor contract between an employer and one or more unions. OEA Salaries 2022-2023. 436 2021-2024. Central Bucks School District. September 1, 2022 - August 31, 2025. REA Collective Bargaining Agreement (2021-2024) REA Salary Schedule (2022-2023) Rainier Public School Employees (PSE) Bus drivers, custodial, food service, maintenance, paraeducators and secretarial staff. -c.i.o. Comments (-1) 2021-22 MIEA Certificated Salary Schedule . 2021 Certificated Seniority List. storm in the night central message Facebook-f object to class cast java Instagram. This database contains PDF copies of each Michigan district's collective bargaining agreements for teachers, bus drivers, aides, office staff and other employees. 2020-22 Classified Collective Bargaining Agreement. ETA Contract - 2021 - 2024. IUOE 2022-23 Salary Schedule. There will be a pre-session hosted by admissions counselors from University of Washington at 5:30, a college and career fair from 6-7, and more seminars, including one about Running Start, from 7:10-8: . COLLECTIVE BARGAINING AGREEMENT . The Collective Agreements e-Library Portal. 575 Andover Park West Suite 205 Tukwila, WA 98188. Effective in the 2022-23 fiscal year and moving forward, the professional work year for all professional employees covered under the agreement will be 189 days. Click the start your search button . 964 (PUBLIC WORKS & RECREATION) OF THE LABORER'S INTERNATIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, New Wilmington Police Wage and Policy Unit, Pulaski Township Police Officers Association, Annville Township Police Officers Association, Cleona Borough Police Officers Association, Cornwall Borough Police Officers Association, Lebanon City-Public Safety, Engineering, Highway, Traffic, Parks, Crossing Guard Employees, Millcreek Township Police Officers Association, North Cornwall Township Police Association, North Lebanon Township Police Association, North Londonderry Township Uniformed Employees, Palmyra Borough Police Officers Association, South Lebanon Township Police Officers Association, South Londonderry Township Police Officers Association, Allentown City- All Public Employees EXCEPT Confidential, Supervisor, Management, Firefighters, Police Officers, Coplay Borough-Drivers, Equipment Operators, Laborers, Borough of Coplay Bureau of Police Employees, Fountain Hill Borough Employees Association, Salisbury Township Police Officers Association, Salisbury Township Public Works Employees Association, Slatington Borough-Sewer, Water, Highway Employees, Police Service of South Whitehall Township, Upper Macungie Township Police Officers Association, Upper Saucon Township Police Officers Association, Upper Saucon Township-Road, Water, Sewer Employees, Municipal Workers of Upper Saucon Township, Whitehall Township-Clerks, Custodians, Maintenance, Mechanics, Operators, Treasury Department Employees, Whitehall Township Police Bargaining Unit Association, LABORERS' INTERNATIONAL UNION OF NORTH AMERICA, LOCAL 1310, Butler Township Police Officers Association, Butler Township-Public Works and Sewer Employees, Conygham Borough Full Time Police Officers, Full Time Police Officers of Dallas Borough/FOP, Full Time Uniformed Employees of the Borough of Edwardsville Department of Police, Exeter Borough-Landscaping, Snow Removal, Recycling, Repair, Maintenance, Driving Employees, International Union of Operating Engineers Local 542-C, Hanover Township-Clerical, Road, Sewer Employees, Hanover Township-Firefighters and Maintenance, Hazle Township-Drivers, Laborers, Craftsmen, Equipment Operators, INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MACHINISTS AND AEROSPACE WORKERS, AFL-CIO District 1, Jackson Township Law Enforcement Association, Kingston Township Police Officers Association, THE EMPLOYEES OF THE LUZERNE BOROUGH POLICE DEPARTMENT, Nanticoke City-Street, Sanitation, Parks Employees, Nanticoke City-Secretaries, Bookkeepers, Clerks, Financial Coordinators, Newport Township Fire Engine Drivers Association, Sugarloaf Township-Operators, Foremen, Clerks, Office Employee, Wilkes-Barre Police Benevolent Association, Wilkes-Barre Township-Dispatchers, Laborers, Truck Drivers, Recreation, Secretary/Clerical Employees, Wilkes-Barre Township Police Benevolent Association, Wright Township Police Officers Association, Hughesville Borough Police Department Bargaining Unit, Jersey Shore Borough-Foreman, Laborer, Equipment Operators, UNITED STEEL, PAPER AND FORESTRY, RUBBER MANUFACTURING, ENERGY ALLIED INDUSTRIAL AND SERVICE WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC ON BEHALF OF LOCAL UNION 4907-06, Montoursville Borough-Streets and Water Department except for clerical employees, LOCAL UNION 587 of the Utility Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO, Police Employees of Old Lycoming Township, Old Lycoming Township-Foremen, Draftsmen, Operators, Laborers, South Williamsport Borough Police Department, South Williamsport Borough-Clerical and Public Works Employees, Williamsport City-Code Enforcement, Community Development, Finance, Treasury, and Clerical Employees, Williamsport City-Streets, Parks, Flood Control City Employe, AFSCME Council 86 Local 2674 (Streets, Parks, Flood Control Employees), Williamsport City-Bus Operators and Garage Employees, Bradford City-Clerical, Housing Rehabilitation, Parking Enforcement Employe, Bradford City-Public Works, Streets, Parks, Bradford Township-Road Crew, Sanitation, Parts, Clerical Employees, Foster Township Police Wage and Policy Unit, Foster Township-Maintenance, Road, Laborers, Kane Borough-Waste Water and Street Department, Smethport Borough-Linemen, Street, Water, Sewer Departments, Farrell City-City Hall Employees, Sewage and Street Departments, Greenville Borough-Streets, Parks, Clerical, Wastewater Treatment Department Employe, Grove City Borough-Laborers, Operators, Maintenance, Water Department, Linemen, Foremen, MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES UNION OF GROVE CITY, PENNSYLVANIA, Hempfield Township Police Wage and Policy Unit, Hermitage City-Administrative, Public Works, Technical Employe, Mercer Borough-Road Crew, Sewage Employees, Sharpsville Borough-Foreman, Operator, Water Department, Laborer, Clerk/Secretary, Shenango Township-Foremen, Truck Drivers, Operators, Non-Managerial Employees of Shenango Township Police Association, West Middlesex Borough-Laborer, Foreman, Clerk, Paradise Township-Clerical and Public Works, POCONO MOUNTAIN POLICE OFFICERS ASSOCIATION, Pocono Township-Road Crew and Clerical Employees, Smithfield Township-Public Works, Road Crew, Stroudsburg Borough-Laborers, Operators, Meter Attendants, Tobyhanna Township-Public Works Director, Supervisor of Operations, Laborers, Ambler Borough-Sewer, Water, Highway, Clerical Employees, Bridgeport Borough-Public Works and Sewer Employees, Police Department of the Borough of Bridgeport Bargaining Committe, Collegeville Borough Police Department/Teamsters Local 830, POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE BOROUGH OF CONSHOHOCKEN, POLICE DEPARTMENT OF EAST NORRITON TOWNSHIP, POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE TOWNSHIP OF FRANCONIA, Horsham Township-Highway, Park, Mechanic, Driver, Laborer, Administrative, Police Secreatry and Dispatche, Horsham Township Police Benevolent Association, Lower Frederick Township Police Department, Police Department of Lower Gwynedd Township, Lower Moreland Township-Office Employees and Dispatchers, Lower Moreland Township Police Benevolent Association, Lower Providence Police Officers Association, Lower Providence Township-Clerical, Dispatch, Maintenance Employees, Police Department of the Township of Lower Salford, Montgomery Township Police Officers Collective Bargaining Unit, Public Works Labor Force of the Borough of Narberth, Plymouth Township-Drivers, Operators, Laborers, Mechanics, Foremen, Police Department of the Borough of Souderton/FOP Lodge 14, Springfield Township Collective Bargaining Agreement, Police Association of Towamencin Township, Upper Dublin Township-Sanitation, Highway, Parks and Rec, Fleet and Facility Employe, Police Department of Upper Gwynedd Township, Upper Moreland Township-Public Works, Highway, Sanitation, Maintenance, Parks, Upper Moreland Township Police Benevolent Association, Upper Moreland Township-Secretaries, Clerical Employees, Desk Clerks, The Police Department of Upper Pottsgrove Township, Upper Providence Township Police Association, West Pottsgrove Township Police Officers Association, Whitemarsh Township Police Collective Bargaining Unit, Public Works Employees of Whitemarsh Township, Whitpain Township-Highway, Parks, Sewer Employe, Mahoning Township Police Officers Association, Bethlehem Township-Public Works and Sewer, Police Department of the Township of Bethlehem, Bethlehem Township-Non Uniform White Collar Employees, East Allen Township-Office and Public Works, Hellertown Borough-Parks, Highway, Sanitation, Lehigh Township-Road Crew and Secretaries, Public Works Department of the Borough of Northampton, Police Department of the Borough of Northampton, Upper Mount Bethel Township-Secretary and Clerical, Upper Nazareth Township Police Association, Walnutport Borough-Secretaries and Road Crew, Full Time Officers of the Washington Township Police Force, Williams Township-Laborers, Maintenance, Truck Drivers, Operators, Foremen, UNITED STEEL, PAPER and FORESTRY, RUBBER, MANUFACTURING, ENERGY, ALLIED INDUSTRIAL and SERVICES WORKERS INTERNATIONAL UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC LOCAL UNION #2599-31, The Police Association of the Borough of Wilson, Milton Police Officers Association and Teamsters Local 764, Mount Carmel Township Police Department Association, Northumberland Police Officers' Association, Point Township Police Officers Association, Ralpho Township Police Officers' Association, Coudersport Borough-Clerical and Public Works Employees, REGULAR FULL TIME OFFICERS COALDALE BOROUGH, Police Department of the Township of East Union/FOP, Mahanoy City Borough- Foremen and Borough Employees, Pine Grove Borough- Operators, Laborers, Maintenance, Pottsville City- Administrative and Public Works Employees, Schuylkill Haven Police Officers Association, Schuylkill Haven Borough- Public Works and Office Employees, Shenandoah Borough- Public Works and Clerks, West Mahanoy Township- Maintenance and Clerical, UNITED BROTHERHOOD OF CARPENTERS AND JOINERS OF AMERICA, CARPENTERS INDUSTRIAL COUNCIL AND ITS AFFILIATE LOCAL UNION 2876, West Penn Township- Public Works and Road Crew, MIDDLEBURG BOROUGH POLICE OFFICERS' ASSOCIATION, PATROLMEN OF THE POLICE DEPARTMENT OF THE BOROUGH OF SHAMOKIN DAM, Berlin Borough- Production, Maintenance, Clerical Employees, UNIT D, ALLEGHENY REGIONAL JOINT BOARD, RETAIL, WHOLESALE, DEPARTMENT STORE UNION, Full Time Police Officers of Conemaugh Township, UNITED STEELWORKERS MAINTENANCE EMPLOYEESLOCAL UNION 2635-18, Conemaugh Township- Sewer and Office Employees, Hooversville Borough- Maintenance and Road Workers, Meyersdale Borough- Street and Clerical Employees, ALLEGHENY REGIONAL JOINT BOARD RETAIL, WHOLESALE DEPARTMENT STORE UNION, AFL-CIO-CLC, LOCAL LODGE 2171 DISTRICT LODGE NO. slovakia birth records, optometry cardiff university entry requirements, heaviest quarterback in the nfl 2021,

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